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"Who Else Wants to Become Unbeatable Like Fedor Emelianenko?"

Fedor Emelianenko's first and only MMA instructional DVD!

Watch Fedor Emelianenko - world's best pound for pound MMA fighter - teach his highly guarded secrets step by step. Follow along as undefeated and undisputed Pride and Affliction (WAMMA) heavyweight legend reveals his unique blend of striking and grappling techniques. Experience insights as Fedor covers in depth his most prized secrets as if you were his closest student.

Slovak Sambo Federation is proud to present first ever mixed martial arts instructional featuring Fedor Emelianenko. This DVD contains exclusive footage of Fedor Emelianenko's seminar held in Slovakia in 2007. Clocking over an hour, it brings you over four sessions on stand-up, takedowns and ground game. This jam packed, professionally translated DVD leaves no MMA stone unturned.

Order your copy now and get a front-row seat to enjoy Fedor's unparalleled teaching talent as he reveals for you:

  • punches, counter punches and kicking techniques

  • single- and double-leg takedowns

  • kimura, americana and armbar - find out exact same armbar secrets Fedor used to submit Hong Man Choi and Mark Coleman!

  • heelhooks and kneebars

  • ground and pound tips

  • ...and much more!

Frank on Fedor's DVD

Thank you for sending the DVD so promptly. I watched it with great interest and found it to be a very well made video. The instruction is clearly articulated and provides a good mix of groundwork and striking, both offense and defense. It was a very good idea to have Fedor demonstrate first and then follow it up with the students practicing the moves he showed. I thought the video was technically excellent and does not require improvement in that area. I also found Fedor to be an excellent communicator and a very likeable personality.
-Victor Barac, Ontario, Canada

I liked the DVD very much. I thought the instruction from Fedor was very informative. I liked the moves from the guard, both offense and defense. I wish Fedor had spent more time w/ wrestling (takedowns or from the clinch). I would have liked to see more chokes and defense for chokes. His arm bar series was top notch. Me being a wrestler, I get caught in arm bars some times if I'm not careful. I do hope Fedor makes another DVD. I liked the Sambo footage, and the footage from against the Korean.
-Lucas Barker, CA, USA

Sold Out

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